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Università di Perugia

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University of Perugia

This is a joint research unit composed of people from the University of Roma “La Sapienza”, the University of Parma, and the University of Perugia.

The people from the Universities involved in this group are (in alphabetical order):

  • Francesca Cuomo (Faculty, Roma "La Sapienza")
  • Dario Di Sorte (Post-Doc researcher, Perugia)
  • Mauro Femminella (Post-Doc researcher, Perugia)
  • Fabrizio Frescura (Faculty, Perugia)
  • Emiliano Miluzzo (Post-Doc researcher, Roma)
  • Gianluca Reali (Faculty, Perugia) - Coordinator
  • Luca Veltri (Faculty, Parma)

Research and demonstration in Twelve

The contribution to the research activity within the Twelve project, is relevant to

WP1 (SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION AT THE RADIO ACCESS LEVEL), task T1.1 (MAC Level Service Differentiation Mechanisms), task T1.2 (Multi-cell and Mesh-networks: planning and traffic control for Service Differentiation Support), and WP2 (SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION AT THE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE LEVEL), task T2.1 (Security and Mutual Authentication Solutions) and task T2.3 (Quality-Aware and Location-Aware Service Architecture).

The contribution to the implementation activity (WP3), related to the task T2.3, will be the realization of a prototype architecture for managing web contents through IEEE 802.11. With reference to T2.1, secure access techniques for mobile terminals will be introduced.

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