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Work Package 3

Prototype Development, Integration and Experimental Demonstration

WP3 is dedicated to prototyping and experimentation of selected service differentiation solutions, including Wireless Distribution System, Channel-aware IP scheduling in a Router Access Point, and security mechanisms. A major project prototyping goal is an FPGA implementation of a service differentiation capable MAC, to be integrated on a commercial MAC-less board. Its interoperability must be tested against commercial 802.11b cards. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first academic initiative in Italy targeted to the production of a fully capable 802.11 MAC implementation.

WP3 activities will prosecute with the development of a scalable open service architecture on a nation-wide demonstration platform, realized via the interconnection, of the WLAN test-beds independently installed at each RU site. This large-scale network platform offers a perfect set-up to experiment innovative service models which employ separation between HotSpot Providers (HSP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP): each RU will act as an independent HSP while one or more will act also as ISP. The key point is that each station connecting to a test-bed will receive service from the local infrastructure, but based on his user profile set by the (possibly remote) ISP. AAA functions will be implemented with a hierarchical structure that involve both the local HSP and the ISP from which the user receive service (unlike typical per HotSpot AAA implementation, with all the technical and strategic problems that locality implies in this operation).

Note that WP3 includes active research and integration efforts, and it is not the rough merging of WP1 and WP2 activities.

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