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University of Roma1

University of Roma - La Sapienza

The University of Roma "La Sapienza" participates in the project with the Networking Group (NG) of the INFOCOM Dept. The activities in the project are coordinated by Francesca Cuomo.

The people of Roma "La Sapienza" University currently officially involved in the project are (in alphabetical order):

Current Research Activities

The Networking Group (NG) research activities focus on a number of state-of-the-art issues that span through optical networks and wireless communications. In the Twelve project NG participates in the following research activities:

  • QoS support in the Basic Service Set via EDCA;
  • QoS support in the Basic Service Set via HCCA;
  • Fairness in 802.11e;
  • Planning and traffic control in Extended Service Set.

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