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University of Trento

University of Trento Computer NEtworks and Mobility

Trento University participates in the project with the Computer Netowrks and Mobility research group of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunication.
The PI of the Research Unit (RU) is Renato Lo Cigno, who coordinates the activity of the RU, that includes also the personnel participating in the project from the Telecommunication Networks Research Group of Politecnico di Torino

The people of Trento University currently officially involved in the project are (in alphabetical order):

Alessandro Villani , head of the group lab, provides the usual exceptional support to make the group work, and keep us updated with new devices and technical innovations.

Current Research Activities

IAPP protocol

Nicolè Pernigo, Alessandro Villani and Renato Lo Cigno are designing, verifying and implementing a IAPP protocol intended to support distributed ESS coordination and management, including aspects related to service provisioning, service differentiation and WoS management.

Traffic Measures and Characterization

The RU is collecting traffic data from the Faculty ESS. Danilo Severina will start elaboration of the traces with Tstat in february/march 2005, possibly in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino.

MAC modeling

Michele Zanolli and Renato Lo Cigno are developing a modeling methodology based on queueing networks with the ambitious goal of modeling 802.11 MAC protocols both in saturation and non-saturation conditions, including the possibility of stations joining and leaving the system.
The methodology should result flexible enough to permit including priorities and service differentiation aspects.

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